Kawachi Elegant Double-Sided Foldable Canvas Wardrobe - K01-Blue

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Brand Name - Kawachi

"Features:1. The bodytwister holder is made of high quality ABS material, reliable and durable2. The ergonomic design is beneficial to our health 3. The surface with many bulging design is helpful to massage your feet4. It is a favorable bodytwister to help you get rid of toxin and improve blood circulation5. It would make a great contribution to your slender waist 6. It can help improve the wry of your hip bone, adjust the balance of muscles around the waist, then compacts muscles in your waist and hip

Specification1. Material: Plastic2. Dimensions: 10.83 x 1.18 inch /27.5 x 3cm(Dia. x H)3. Color: Orange4. Weight: 976 g/ 34.43 oz

Package Includes:1 x High Level Healthy Massage & Waist Twisting Disc

How To Use:1. Before using, please drink 200-500CC warm boiled water to stimulate the circulation of blood to gain a better effect2. Put you feet on the waist-twisting device, twist your waist and abdomen at the left and right sides meanwhile keep your both arms's balanceIt will be a normal phenomenon and a good effect after gymnastic exercise if the color of urine becomes deep, or temperature of the human body gets high4. Yous should persevere in the exercise of twist waist, thus reach a sturdy and strenuous effect on your body"

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