Cierie Green 12 Dabbi Condiment Spice Rack Set

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Handy Storage Solution for Spices and Condiments

Featuring 4 columns containing three containers each, the multipurpose revolving 12-piece spice rack is a great way to organise your kitchen and make spices and condiments accessible whenever required. Featuring a well-designed central rack, you can easily rotate the rack and get easy access to your most used spices, herbs, condiments, mouth fresheners and more. Made from high grade ABS plastic, this spice rack has a sturdy build and will last for a long time.

Smart Design for Ease of Use

Each of the 12 containers in the Jony multipurpose revolving spice rack features a lid that contains three types of holes for easy retrieval. So, whether you store coarse oregano leaves or fine turmeric powder, this spice rack is extremely versatile in function. To prevent spillage, the lids also feature a rotating lock cap to control the flow of spices.

Aesthetic Looks Combined with Functionality

Featuring see-through containers, you can identify the contents without having to open them. Quickly access salt, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon powder, red chilli powder and more using the Jony multipurpose revolving spice rack. It is available in multiple colour and the attractive design can help in improving the overall décor of your kitchen space.

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